[PATCH] Implement an Esd sound module

Zhangrong Huang hzhr at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jul 14 01:45:59 CDT 2004

Hi, all,

I'm now using the GNOME desktop environment which uses esd as sound server, sometimes I need 
wine to run some Windows apps with sound support, but now wine has no esd sound module, so I 
have to killall esd before I start wine.
I have searched the mailing list for solutions, found there is a bug about this:


I have try esddsp, but it sometimes does not work, so, I decided to write the Esd sound module, 
  it's based the Arts sound module, just replaced the arts calls with esd calls, and fixd some 
problems related to esd.
It works fine for me, I attach the patch here, and if it works for the others, it may close the 
old bug #326.
$ wine sndrec32.exe
See if it works.

Thanks, I'm new to wine;-)

	* configure, configure.ac, dlls/Makefile.in,
	  dlls/winmm/wineesd/.cvsignore, dlls/winmm/wineesd/Makefile.in,
	  dlls/winmm/wineesd/audio.c, dlls/winmm/wineesd/wineesd.drv.spec,
	  dlls/winmm/wineesd/esound.c, dlls/winmm/wineesd/esound.h,
	  documentation/multimedia.sgml, documentation/samples/config,
	Added wineesd.drv dll, part of winmm.

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