fix collate icon behavior in printdlg

James Hawkins truiken at
Fri Jul 16 13:36:20 CDT 2004


    With this patch, the behavior of the Copies section of the print
dialog box is correct.  The new behavior is:

If number of copies is 1,
    collate option is unchecked and shaded because collate is not possible, and
    collate icon is removed whether it was set to collate or not collate.
else if number of copies > 2,
    collate option is unchecked but not shaded, and
    no_collate icon is displayed.

There is only one change that im not sure should go in or not, and
that is when the collate option is checked and we drop the number of
copies to one, should we uncheck the collate option as well as shade

James Hawkins
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