Bad SetPan dsound test

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri Jul 16 16:35:41 CDT 2004

On two Windows machines I have access to (Win98+DX9 and WinXP+DX9), a 
GetPan() does not return the same value as the previous SetPan(). This 
seems to be due to rounding up or down in the driver.
I'll also note that we don't do this check for SetVolume/GetVolume, 
probably for the same reason.


  * dlls/dsound/tests/ds3d.c

    Francois Gouget <fgouget at>
    On Windows GetPan() may not return the value that was just set with 

Francois Gouget
fgouget at

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Index: dlls/dsound/tests/ds3d.c
RCS file: /var/cvs/wine/dlls/dsound/tests/ds3d.c,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1 ds3d.c
--- dlls/dsound/tests/ds3d.c	17 Jun 2004 23:03:11 -0000	1.1
+++ dlls/dsound/tests/ds3d.c	16 Jul 2004 16:31:02 -0000
@@ -421,9 +426,6 @@
                 ok(rc==DS_OK,"SetPan failed: 0x%lx\n",rc);
-                rc=IDirectSoundBuffer_GetPan(dsbo,&val);
-                ok(val==pan,"volume=%ld instead of %ld\n",val,pan);
             } else {
                 /* DSOUND: Error: Buffer does not have CTRLPAN */

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