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Mon Jul 19 14:42:58 CDT 2004


Today I tried some more .msi files with the new msi.dll and I hit
one that claimed that msi.dll was too old and should be updated to
at least version 2.0. Now in msi's resources the version is set
to something >= 2.0, but I found that there are at least 4 different
ways of getting msi's version:

  1. Use MsiGetFileVersion() on the msi dll file name.
  2. Look at the Version property of the installer object.
  3. Use msi's DllGetVersion().
  4. Read the VersionMsi property that get's set by msi during an install.

This particular .msi used the last method. Attached patch sets
VersionMsi and also syncs the version number in the header to the one
in the resource file so that all methods agree on the version.

Then there is a problem parsing the version number. msi would not parse
a version number like "2.0" because of the dot in it. So this patch
also makes msi accept a dot in a number value.

  Set VersionMsi property. 
  Accept a dot in a number value.
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