WineHQ:service.cgi: fix winrash option

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Mon Jul 26 06:57:51 CDT 2004

<chmorgan at> writes:

> What is the service doing with winrash options btw?  The
> installer stops, installs and starts the winrash service.
> The installer uses /S for silent installs, otherwise it
> will try to popup windows.  Are you sure the service isn't
> calling the installer with /S?

You are right, I was wrong.  This patch is rubbish.  I can't
really understand the errors on wine-test-results.  Have you
got an idea what may have gone wrong?  Aren't any functional
winrash instances running?  Is something broken in the
service script?  The documentation is somewhat scarce so I'm
doing a slow start...

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