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	Add a German translation to wcmd

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diff -Nur wine/programs/wcmd/De.rc wine/programs/
--- wine/programs/wcmd/De.rc	1970-01-01 01:00:00.000000000 +0100
+++ wine/programs/	2004-07-29 18:35:20.000000000 +0200
@@ -0,0 +1,236 @@
+ * Wine command prompt
+ * German Language Support
+ *
+ * Copyright 2004 Henning Gerhardt
+ *
+ * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
+ * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
+ * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
+ * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
+ *
+ * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+ * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+ * Lesser General Public License for more details.
+ *
+ * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
+ * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
+ * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
+ */
+  WCMD_ATTRIB, "Hilfe für ATTRIB\n"
+"CALL <batchfilename> is used within a batch file to execute commands\n\
+from another batch file. When the batch file exits, control returns to\n\
+the file which called it. The CALL command may supply parameters to the\n\
+called procedure.\n\
+Changes to default directory, environment variables etc made within a\n\
+called procedure are inherited by the caller.\n"
+  WCMD_CD,     "Hilfe für CD\n"
+  WCMD_CHDIR,  "Hilfe für CHDIR\n"
+  WCMD_CLS,    "CLS löscht den Inhalt der Konsole\n"
+  WCMD_COPY,   "Hilfe für COPY\n"
+  WCMD_CTTY,   "Hilfe für CTTY\n"
+  WCMD_DATE,   "Hilfe für DATE\n"
+  WCMD_DEL,    "Hilfe für DEL\n"
+  WCMD_DIR,    "Hilfe für DIR\n"
+"ECHO <string> displays <string> on the current terminal device.\n\
+ECHO ON causes all subsequent commands in a batch file to be displayed\n\
+on the terminal device before they are executed.\n\
+ECHO OFF reverses the effect of a previous ECHO ON (ECHO is OFF by\n\
+default). The ECHO OFF command can be prevented from displaying by\n\
+preceding it with an @ sign.\n"
+  WCMD_ERASE,  "Hilfe für ERASE\n"
+"The FOR command is used to execute a command for each of a set of files.\n\
+Syntax: FOR %variable IN (set) DO command\n\
+The requirement to double the % sign when using FOR in a batch file does\n\
+not exist in wcmd.\n"
+"The GOTO command transfers execution to another statement within a\n\
+batch file.\n\
+The label which is the target of a GOTO may be up to 255 characters\n\
+long but may not include spaces (this is different to other operating\n\
+systems). If two or more identical labels exist in a batch file the\n\
+first one will always be executed. Attempting to GOTO a non-existent\n\
+label terminates the batch file execution.\n\
+GOTO has no effect when used interactively.\n"
+  WCMD_HELP,   "Hilfe für HELP\n"
+"IF is used to conditionally execute a command.\n\
+Syntax:	IF [NOT] EXIST filename command\n\
+	IF [NOT] string1==string2 command\n\
+	IF [NOT] ERRORLEVEL number command\n\
+In the second form of the command, string1 and string2 must be in double\n\
+quotes. The comparison is not case-sensitive.\n"
+"LABEL wird benutzt, um die Laufwerksbezeichnung festzulegen.\n\
+Syntax: LABEL [Laufwerk:]\n\
+Der Befehl wartet auf die Eingabe einer neuen Bezeichnung für das angegebene\n\
+Laufwerk. Sie können sich auch die Laufwerksbezeicnung mit dem VOL - Befehl\n\
+anzeigen lassen.\n"
+  WCMD_MD,     "Hilfe für MD\n"
+  WCMD_MKDIR,  "Hilfe für MKDIR\n"
+"MOVE relocates a file or directory to a new point within the file system.\n\
+If the item being moved is a directory then all the files and subdirectories\n\
+below the item are moved as well.\n\
+MOVE fails if the old and new locations are on different DOS drive letters.\n"
+"PATH displays or changes the wcmd search path.\n\
+Entering PATH will display the current PATH setting (initially this is\n\
+the value given in your wine.conf file). To change the setting follow the\n\
+PATH command with the new value.\n\
+It is also possible to modify the PATH by using the PATH environment\n\
+variable, for example:\n\
+		PATH %PATH%;c:\\temp \n"
+"PAUSE displays a message on the screen 'Press Return key to continue'\n\
+and waits for the user to press the Return key. It is mainly useful in\n\
+batch files to allow the user to read the output of a previous command\n\
+before it scrolls off the screen.\n"
+"PROMPT sets the command-line prompt.\n\
+The string following the PROMPT command (and the space immediately after)\n\
+appears at the beginning of the line when wcmd is waiting for input.\n\
+The following character strings have the special meaning shown:\n\
+$$    Dollar sign         $_    Linefeed            $b    Pipe sign (|)\n\
+$d    Current date        $e    Escape              $g    > sign\n\
+$l    < sign              $n    Current drive       $p    Current path\n\
+$q    Equal sign          $t    Current time        $v    wcmd version\n\
+Note that entering the PROMPT command without a prompt-string resets the\n\
+prompt to the default, which is the current directory (which includes the\n\
+current drive letter) followed by a greater-than (>) sign.\n\
+(like a command PROMPT $p$g).\n\
+The prompt can also be changed by altering the PROMPT environment variable,\n\
+so the command 'SET PROMPT=text' has the same effect as 'PROMPT text'\n"
+"A command line beginning REM (followed by a space) performs no\n\
+action, and can therefore be used as a comment in a batch file.\n"
+  WCMD_REN,    "Hilfe für REN\n"
+  WCMD_RENAME, "Hilfe für RENAME\n"
+  WCMD_RD,     "Hilfe für RD\n"
+  WCMD_RMDIR,  "Hilfe für RMDIR\n"
+"SET displays or changes the wcmd environment variables.\n\
+SET without parameters shows all of the current environment.\n\
+To create or modify an environment variable the syntax is:\n\
+      SET <variable>=<value>\n\
+where <variable> and <value> are character strings. There must be no\n\
+spaces before the equals sign, nor can the variable name\n\
+have embedded spaces.\n\
+Under Wine, the environment of the underlying operating system is\n\
+included into the Win32 environment, there will generally therefore be\n\
+many more values than in a native Win32 implementation. Note that it is\n\
+not possible to affect the operating system environment from within wcmd.\n"
+"SHIFT is used in a batch file to remove one parameter from the head of\n\
+the list, so parameter 2 becomes parameter 1 and so on. It has no effect\n\
+if called from the command line.\n"
+  WCMD_TIME,   "Hilfe für TIME\n"
+"Setzt den Fenstertitel für das WCMD - Fenster.\n\
+Syntax: TITLE [Zeichenkette]\n"
+"TYPE <filename> copies <filename> to the console device (or elsewhere\n\
+if redirected). No check is made that the file is readable text.\n"
+"VERIFY is used to set, clear or test the verify flag. Valid forms are:\n\
+VERIFY ON	Set the flag\n\
+VERIFY OFF	Clear the flag\n\
+VERIFY		Displays ON or OFF as appropriate.\n\
+The verify flag has no function in Wine.\n"
+"VER displays the version of wcmd you are running\n"
+  WCMD_VOL,    "Hilfe für VOL\n"
+"EXIT terminates the current command session and returns\n\
+to the operating system or shell from which you invoked wcmd.\n"
+  1000, "WCMD eingebauten Befehle sind:\n\
+ATTRIB\t\tZeigt an oder ändert die DOS Dateieigenschaften\n\
+CALL\t\tRuft eine Batch-Datei innerhalb einer anderen auf\n\
+CD (CHDIR)\tWechselt in das Verzeichnis\n\
+CLS\t\tLöscht den Inhalt der Konsole\n\
+COPY\t\tKopiert eine Datei\n\
+CTTY\t\tÄndert das Eingabe/Ausgabe - Gerät\n\
+DATE\t\tZeigt an oder ändert das Systemdatum\n\
+DEL (ERASE)\tLöscht eine oder mehrere Dateien\n\
+DIR\t\tListet den Inhalt eines Verzeichnisses\n\
+ECHO\t\tKopiert den Text direkt zur Konsolenausgabe\n\
+HELP\t\tZeigt detalierte Informationen zu einen Thema\n\
+MD (MKDIR)\tErzeugt ein Unterverzeichnis\n\
+MOVE\t\tBewegt eine oder mehrere Dateien oder einen Verzeichnisbaum\n\
+PATH\t\tSetzt oder zeigt den Suchpfad an\n\
+PROMPT\t\tÄndert den Befehlszeilenprompt\n\
+REN (RENAME)\tBenennt eine Datei um\n\
+RD (RMDIR)\tLöscht ein Unterverzeichnis\n\
+SET\t\tSetzt oder zeigt die Umgebungsvariablen an\n\
+TIME\t\tSetzt oder zeigt die aktuelle Systemzeit an\n\
+TITLE\t\tSetzt den Fenstertitel für die WCMD - Sitzung\n\
+TYPE\t\tGibt den Inhalt einer Textdatei aus\n\
+VER\t\tZeigt die aktuelle Version von WCMD an\n\
+VOL\t\tZeigt die Bezeichnung eines Laufwerkes an\n\
+EXIT\t\tBeendet den WCMD\n\n\
+Geben Sie HELP <Befehl> ein, damit Sie weitere Informationen für einen der\n\
+obigen Befehle erhalten.\n"
diff -Nur wine/programs/wcmd/wcmdrc.rc wine/programs/
--- wine/programs/wcmd/wcmdrc.rc	2004-07-13 07:23:51.000000000 +0200
+++ wine/programs/	2004-07-29 17:15:07.000000000 +0200
@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
 #include "wcmd.h"
+#include "De.rc"
 #include "En.rc"
 #include "Es.rc"
 #include "Fr.rc"

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