winegcc: portability

Kirill Smelkov kirr at
Mon Mar 1 00:50:52 CST 2004

1 Март 2004 05:52, Dimitrie O. Paun написал:
> OK, this is it. I've included the new for
> patch review convenience. Please run
> autoheader
> autoconf
> after applying it. With this stuff in the tree, we should
> be able to build programs/* with it. Next on the list is
> -shared support...
> ChangeLog
>     Instrument winegcc to use the compilers and options detected
>     at configure time. Add support for parsing/formatting a string
>     array from/to a char string. Add option to disable short wchar
>     support in winegcc.

And what about next (removed from winemaker by your recent patch)

They are very handy when porting win32 apps.


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