Close button on MFC dockable windows

Justin Chevrier burner1 at
Mon Mar 1 23:07:44 CST 2004

Several programs:

SCB Demo3:

that make use of MFC to do things like dockable windows
don't properly draw the close button on docked windows.
Instead of an 'x' it looked more like an 'r'. After some
investigation and traces I saw that wine was substituting
Arial in for Marlett when Marlett was specified with a
DEFAULT_CHARSET. I changed the behaviour to instead
load 'webdings' when this situation was encountered. This
changed the font drawn on the button from an Arial 'r' to a
Webding close 'x' character. Unfortunately it was drawn well
below the actual button. I am not sure of the correct way
to fix this. I have included a changed line:

if(ppem <= startsz || ppem > endsz)

that corrects this but I doubt it's correct.

Justin Chevrier

Allow MFC programs that dock windows to draw a correct close button.

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