Droplet in a scrollbar

Norbert Feulner feulner.norbert at web.de
Tue Mar 9 08:58:30 CST 2004

Bug: When being moved the slider of a scrollbar with the focus leaves a droplet.

To show the focus on a scrollbar, a blinking caret is drawn on its slider.
When being moved this caret remains.
The routine ShowCaret is called which switches the caret on.
Due to a redraw event the slider is switched to its off state.
The SetCaretPos routine, thinks that the caret is still on and tries to
remove it, toggling it again. This leaves the droplet.

The problem is that these caret routines are also used for making a
blinking cursor in the text widget. Therefore any changes must be done
in this respect.

My sugestion for a fix is to start a blinking caret in its off state,
so SetCaretPos will then not try to remove it,
leaving it to the timer to turn it on.

Regards Norbert

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