Patch for README

Christian Britz cbritz at
Sat Mar 13 13:48:32 CST 2004


here is my patch for the README file. If you like it, i will also send 
you my updated german


Dimitrie O. Paun schrieb:
> On March 11, 2004 9:58 pm, Christian Britz wrote:
>> I will prepare my patch tommorow. Should I sent it to wine-devel or
>> wine-patches to discuss it?
> wine-patches.
>> I would like to give the users just the basic knowledge THAT it is
>> possible to use native DLLs and fonts. For detailled Information I would
>> redirect them to the User Guide.
> Well you can say "If you have a native Windows installation, you can
> use some of its native components with Wine. For details..."
>> I ask you again to tell me if a update of the README is not really
>> wanted at all this time, I would have no problem with this (plenty other
>> tasks to do). :-)
> Not sure if it's needed, I haven't reviewed it lately.

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--- /usr/src/wine/README	Wed Nov 26 04:55:02 2003
+++ /usr/src/wine/	Sat Mar 13 20:41:37 2004
@@ -24,6 +24,13 @@
 (see "DOCUMENTATION"), and especially the wealth of information
 found at
+This is still a developers only release.  There are many bugs
+and unimplemented features.  Most applications still do not work
+correctly. The ability to use native Microsoft Windows dll and 
+font files is not a primary goal of Wine but by using them you
+can gain better compatibility with tricky applications.
+Please read the documentation for details.
 To compile and run Wine, you must have one of the following:
@@ -123,9 +130,9 @@
-Once Wine has been built correctly, you can do "make install"; this
-will install the wine executable, the Wine man page, and a few other
-needed files.
+Once Wine has been built correctly, you can do "make install" either as
+root or using sudo; this will install the wine executable, the Wine 
+man page, and a few other needed files.
 Don't forget to uninstall any conflicting previous Wine installation
 first.  Try either "dpkg -r wine" or "rpm -e wine" or "make uninstall"
@@ -139,6 +146,7 @@
 man page (documentation/
 The file documentation/samples/config contains an example configuration file
 which has to be adapted and copied to the location mentioned above.
+The recommended installer does this work for you.
 Don't forget to add vital registry entries by applying winedefault.reg
 with programs/regedit/. See documentation/ directory for details.

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