patches provided with wine-20040213-1rh73winehq.src.rpm not in Wine-20040309.tar

John Lumby johnlumby at
Wed Mar 17 12:48:11 CST 2004

(Sorry if this is not the right list - the question is really to do with the 
newest build but it also concerns patches so maybe someone here can answer 
or point me).

I have previously installed wine from the wine-20040213-1rh73winehq.src.rpm 
and noticed there were some patches in that rpm along with the base 040213.  
   I applied those patches and it works fine.   The patches affected:


Now I need to install wine on a different machine and thought I would go 
with the latest:
but I see those 040213-level patches aren't rolled into this targz-ball.    
Most of those files mentioend above are still the same as the base 040213 
pre-patch.   I don't see a similar src rpm for this new one.

Any suggestions?  Safe to blindly apply those same patches?    Or should I 
stay with 040213 for now?



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