Sorry. My first contribution. You can ignore this patch if u will.

Urbez Santana urbez at
Tue Mar 23 06:05:40 CST 2004

Hi, Wine people.

I have worked 1 month with wine, for this objective:

1. Make possible instal.lation programs win16 bits working. (Not finished)
	*I have changed the protocol to obtain the Teb & the Peb of another process
	in kernel32.
	*I must debug more the memory of List of List to obtain where is the 
	information about the space of disk, to make possible install
	win95,win98,winMe, hehehe, is fun, and utile to make 16 bit aplications to 	
2. Make possible all programs of Microsoft Developer Studio works.
	*Spy++: works with external windows processes. I have changed the protocol
	now to access with ReadProcessMemory to another window process information.
	*We must think, about Kernel objects to make a new mecanism to lock objects
	of another processes in the kernel, without using ReadProcessMemory, using 
	shared memory of linux mecanism.
	*I'm working with console and pipes transmition, to make possible use
	Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, compilation (not finished)
	*I'm working to all windows events with Microsoft Access/Word/Excel (MSAgent)
	to work correctly(not finished)
3. Make possible use and shlwapi.dll builtin, and no more use
	of native dlls. I need more time, for this, i have great work with shlwapi,
	dissassemble and debug with the native dll, and interpret the assembler code
	to obtain FDSA functions and another shlwapi functions that needed by HH.EXE
	(help system with shdocvw) and Iexplore.exe.
	They run! yet without the native dlls, but i must repair more, not all

	Sorry my english, i'm from Barcelona.
	I will make possible that Dos4gw works too.

	You can ignore my name and my patch, and only use that u will of the patch.

	Great work of the debug!!! we must improve the debug to make more speedly
	the wine. Thanks for the winedbg, it is great!!!!

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