Toolbar: Fix LButtonDown From Previous Change

Robert Shearman R.J.Shearman at
Wed Mar 31 21:53:36 CST 2004


My previous change moved code out of the path protected by "if (nHit >=
0)" so that now nHit can be < 0 and so the code at the bottom of
TOOLBAR_LButtonDown would access an invalid btnPtr pointer. This patch
fixes this.
This patch also fixes two other minor issues. The first is that the
dropdown buttons weren't being offset correctly when pressed because of
the BF_ADJUST flag being passed to DrawEgde so this is removed. The
second is that LButtonDblClk message wasn't handled correctly. It now
correctly executes the same code as a single click if it is on a button.


- Fix LButtonDown From Previous Change
- Don't use BF_ADJUST flag for dropdown buttons
- Fix LButtonDblClk

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