[lostwages] 3d party download for the download page

hatky hatky at hatky.myz.info
Sat May 1 23:08:40 CDT 2004

After the discussion of "List other downloads on winehq" on wine-devel and the 
mention in the WWN this is the best solution I see,
Frank's wine tools is a 3d party project that has all what we need alreay, it 
is a GUI that download and installs MS fonts, system tools and some apps, I 
know programmer don't need it and it would be nicer to have our own list, but 
it saves wine some work and is REALY nice for users in my opinionm please 
don't nuke this patch unless you have a better patch for this need, it is a 
blocker for users

Change Log:
	Ofir Petruska <hatky at users.sf.net>
	Add a 3d party tools to the download page, currently just frank's wine tools

Worshiper of wine (http://www.winehq.org/),
Impossible is only an opinion.
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