[winecfg] - drive editing to use volume management functions

Chris Morgan cmorgan at alum.wpi.edu
Sun May 2 10:03:45 CDT 2004

Minor change, changed c++ comments to c comments.

The drive definitions have been moved out of the ~/.wine/config file and into
the filesystem and registry.  The volume management functions modify drives
are now supported(thanks Eric and Alexandre).  Having winecfg use these
functions makes the drive dialog useable for editing drive mappings,
something we need before we can turn winecfg loose on end users.  Feel free
to try this patch out and report how it works.

* programs/winecfg/winecfg.c, winecfg.h, resource.h, En.rc, Makefile.in,
Chris Morgan <cmorgan at alum.wpi.edu>
Implemented an array of 26 drives and interface functions for adding,
 copying, moving and deleting drives. Added a "Show/Hide Advanced" button in
 the drive edit dialog that toggles the display of advanced options and
 resizes/moves controls.  Disable the 'autodetect' radio button in the drive
 edit dialog until we have autodetection support. Map window 'x' button to
 dialog close.

Added PRINTERROR() to call GetLastError(), translate into a plaintext message
and print via WINE_TRACE().

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