scrollbar: positioning and SB_THUMBPOSITION tracking

Jake Hamby jhamby at
Fri May 7 16:49:43 CDT 2004

* controls/scroll.c

Jake Hamby <jhamby at>

This patch addresses two issues in scrollbar handling.  First, if the 
window has WS_BORDER set (as most of them do), the scrollbars are sized 
one pixel larger in each direction, which pushes them into the border of 
the window and messes up the 3-D look.  On Windows, scrollbars are 
contained within the window and are not pushed into the border.  So I've 
removed that code, keeping the code that adjusts the right/bottom border 
by one pixel when both scrollbars are active.

The second problem is demonstrated by the SysMets3 example from Petzold 
Chapter 4.  It uses SB_THUMBTRACK messages to update the vertical 
scrollbar, and SB_THUMBPOSITION for the horizontal scrollbar (to 
demonstrate both ways of handling updates).  The problem is that by the 
time the application's WndProc handler receives the SB_THUMBPOSITION 
message, the scrollbar event handler has already reset 
SCROLL_TrackingWin to 0, so that when the app calls GetScrollInfo() to 
retrieve the last tracking position, it fills info->nTrackPos with the 
old value, so the result is that the slider "pops" to the old value when 
you release the mouse button.  I've patched this by adding a second 
variable, SCROLL_TrackingWinPrev, so that GetScrollInfo() returns the 
value from SCROLL_TrackingVal in this case.

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