Appdb: Add support for application maintainers

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Fri Nov 5 23:08:43 CST 2004

This patch adds support for application maintainers.  It isn't complete but 
its a good start to get people to begin to help out with cleaning up the 
appdb.  The plan is to integrate this in with the existing appOwners 
implementation although appOwners is for an app family, not a specific app 
version like the maintainer support is.

Maintainers should see 'Delete' buttons on user comments like admins do. Show 
the user which apps they maintain and provide links to them on the sidebar. 
Added admin interfaces to view the requests to become maintainers as well as 
view/delete existing maintainers.  Added a button to the app version page that 
changes based on whether the user is logged in, "Log in to become an app 
maintainer", maintaining the app, "Remove yourself as a maintainer", or not 
maintaining the app, "Be a maintainer of this app".

CreateMaintainerTables is the sql that should create the tables for the 
maintainer support.

created admin/adminMaintainerQueue.php
created maintainersubmit.php
created include/maintainer.php for two utility functions
created adminMaintainers.php to view/administer the list of maintainers, 
  this has a link to the app/version that the user is maintaining
created maintainerdelete.php so the user can confirm that they want to remove
  themselves as application maintainers


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create table appMaintainerQueue (
    queueId         int not null auto_increment,
    appId           int,
    versionId       int,
    userId          int,
    maintainReason  text,
    submitTime  timestamp,

create table appMaintainers (
    maintainerId int not null auto_increment,
    appId        int,
    versionId    int,
    userId       int,
    submitTime   timestamp,

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