winzip 9 doesn't run under wine :-(

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Nov 7 17:54:06 CST 2004

Hans Leidekker wrote:
> On Sunday 7 November 2004 14:12, Dan Kegel wrote:
>>While putting together a tutorial on how to contribute
>>test cases to Wine (,
>>I noticed that the current version 9 of WinZip
>>doesn't install under vanilla Wine; it aborts with
> I noticed that the WinZip installer actually fails because it can't
> retrieve version information from hhctrl.ocx. This patch adds version
> information and voila, WinZip installs. You still can't use HTML help
> though unless you install Internet Explorer or use a native hhctrl.ocx
> + Mozilla ActiveX control.

Hey, that fixed that problem!  Can you submit that patch to wine-patches,
or is it not ready?

But winzip 9 still doesn't install, at least with default settings;
now the wrong value for default destination comes up in the installation
dialog box, "%SystemDrive%\Program Files\WinZip".  Seems like
some environment variable isn't being expanded somewhere?

And even if you put in C: instead of %SystemDrive%, installation
goes a little further, but fails with
"WinZip internal error in file install.c line 930".
Here's the log it created:

WinZip Error Report Log

To help solve this problem, please send this file by e-mail to
support at

Please include as detailed as possible a description of what you
were doing before the problem occurred, so we can try to reproduce
the problem here.  In particular, please tell us what steps led to
the problem, and whether it occurs always or sometimes after these
steps are followed.

Thank you

WinZip internal error in file install.c line 930

about:      004046a5
output_context_info: 0041ee08

WZDLL: unzip():      20032100
IBSDLL: IBSIsDownload():      00000000
Return address = 004203d5
Return address = 004473c0
Return address = 00480865
Return address = 004811cd
Return address = 0048121d
Return address = 004a8362
Return address = 4037dd85
Return address = 4001c59d

Windows 98 4.10 build 2222  A
Current date/time: 11/7/2004  3:52 PM
WinZip(R) 9.0 SR-1 (6224)  compiled: Aug 11 2004
Module name = C:\Program Files\WinZip\WINZIP32.EXE
Command line: "C:\Program Files\WinZip\WINZIP32.EXE" /installS /f:"Z:\home\dank\demo\build\winzip90.exe"
User Interface Selected: Classic
Memory in use = 28%
Total physical memory = 416268 Kbytes
Physical memory available = 204360 Kbytes
Total virtual memory = 2097087 Kbytes
Virtual memory available = 2097023 Kbytes
Country code: 1 Language: English Code-page: 1252

- Dan

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