Appdb: appComments should have a datetime column instead of a timestamp column

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Wed Nov 10 18:49:12 CST 2004

The timestamp column has the effect of causing a timestamp update whenever a 
row is modified.  This is bad to have in the appComments table and we 
shouldn't have it in the appMaintainers and appMaintainerQueue tables either 
because it just isn't the behavior that someone would expect to see.  The 
appComments timestamp column does bad things when the parent of a child 
comment is deleted.  When this occurs we have to fixup the parentId of each 
child comment to point to the parent of the deleted comment as the comments 
are a singlely linked list.  When we do this fixup the timestamp column gets 
updated and comments appear to have been posted at the moment of the deletion 
of the parent.  This is BAD.  Fix this by altering the tables to have 
datetime columns and fixing the sql to insert a value of NOW() when comments 
are added.

Jeremy, the alter table file should be the necessary sql to fix the existing 


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alter table appComments change time time datetime;
alter table appMaintainers change submitTime submitTime datetime;
alter table appMaintainerQueue change submitTime submitTime datetime;
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