[setupx_main.c] SETUPX_CreateStandardLDDs

Fabrice Ménard menard.fabrice at wanadoo.fr
Thu Nov 11 12:12:35 CST 2004


I've post few days ago the following message

 In setupapi/setupx_main.c, function SETUPX_CreateStandardLDDs:
 There is a FIXME("LDID_SRCPATH: what exactly do we have to do here ?\n").
 It concerns the registry value:
 AFAIK, this value defines the location where the setup of windows was done.
 As we don't have a real windows installation, this key is naturally not set.
 I'm wondering if it will hurt to set it to a fallback string (maybe the most common one:
 "D:\\") and get rid of this FIXME.  

 I think if a windows application need this value and don't find what it wants, it justs throw
 a message box asking for the correct CD (in fact it is very common to have this value set to
 a wrong path when you have more than one CD device).

 I know it is not so important, but I really enjoy having one less FIXME :-))

 If you're ok with that, I'll send a tiny patch

Since It seems there's no controverse, here is the patch
(I hope it is well formed now ;-) )

Index: dlls/setupapi/setupx_main.c
RCS file: /home/wine/wine/dlls/setupapi/setupx_main.c,v
retrieving revision 1.29
diff -u -r1.29 setupx_main.c
--- dlls/setupapi/setupx_main.c 27 Feb 2004 04:43:32 -0000 1.29
+++ dlls/setupapi/setupx_main.c 11 Nov 2004 17:49:51 -0000
@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@
     { /* 1 (LDID_SRCPATH) = source of installation. hmm, what to do here ? */
  "SourcePath", /* hmm, does SETUPX have to care about updating it ?? */
+ "D:\\"
     { /* 2 (LDID_SETUPTEMP) = setup temp dir */
@@ -309,8 +309,7 @@
      case LDID_SRCPATH:
-  FIXME("LDID_SRCPATH: what exactly do we have to do here ?\n");
-  strcpy(buffer, "X:\\FIXME");
+  strcpy(buffer, "D:\\");
      case LDID_SYS:
          GetSystemDirectoryA(buffer, MAX_PATH);

Here is the changelog:

 * dlls/setupapi/setupx_main.c: Fabrice Ménard  <menard.fabrice at wanadoo.fr>
Setting a default location for SourcePath value.

Fabrice Ménard
menard.fabrice at wanadoo.fr
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