Incorporating LibTomCrypt code into rsaenh

Michael Jung mjung at
Thu Nov 18 14:33:40 CST 2004

I didn't get any comments on this patch on wine-devel thus far. Let's see if 
it's accepted into CVS:

This patch incorporates code from the public domain LibTomCrypt crypto library 
into rsaenh.dll. Thus rsaenh.dll has no dependencies on OpenSSL any longer. 
The compilation problems on RedHat 8 and older should thus be resolved.

I renamed the implossl.[c/h] files, which before provided the glue logic 
between rsaenh and OpenSSL and which now do the same for LibTomCrypt, to the 
more neutral names implglue.[c/h]. Would you please remove the implossl.[c/h] 
files from CVS, if this patch should be applied?


 Incorporated LibTomCrypt code into rsaenh to get rid of OpenSSL dependencies

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