Fix InternetGetConnectedStateExA To Not Crash

Robert Shearman rob at
Fri Nov 19 15:20:25 CST 2004


Currently, InternetGetConnectedStateExA could crash because 
InternetGetConnectedStateExW does not fill in the buffer, and 
WideCharToMultiByte tries to measure the length of the string. If there 
is not a NULL before the next unreadable page boundary, this will crash. 
This patch fixes InternetGetConnectedStateExW to return the string 
received if you are connected to a LAN (as opposed to dial-up or not 
connected to any network). It also fixes the debug trace so that it 
doesn't print garbage.


- Make InternetGetConnectedStateExA not crash, by making 
InternetGetConnectedStateExW fill in the buffer correctly.
- Remove the dumping of strings that will only contain garbage.
- Document function.
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