I'm back (a.k.a. some patches that should've been sent a long time ago)

Rok Mandeljc rok.mandeljc at email.si
Sun Nov 21 10:22:45 CST 2004

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Hey everyone,

as the subject states, I'm finally back, after a long period of being
away due computer crash and loads of essay my student-friendly school
programme provided me with. Anyway, here are some patches that have
been lying around on my harddisk for a while:

- - winecfg-Si.diff: I recall someone complaining Slovene translation
for winecfg was incomplete/not done at all (ran out of time back
then)... Here it is now, although it seems all translations were
commented out (is there resource organisation still going on?)

- - dmloader.diff: fixed some type definitions; also there was a user
complaining IDirectMusicLoader failing to initialise when default DLS
collection was not present; now it prints the message, similiarly as
ole32 does when stdole32.tlb is missing.

- - dmusic-includes-fix.diff: fixed some typos

- - dmusic32-scaffolding.diff: provides the framework for legacy MIDI
driver wrapper. This one should be easy to implement and it would
eliminate the need for M$ Software Synthesizer if used in conjunction
with TiMidity++ as ALSA server.  However, I have problems implementing
actual playing queue. If someone with experiences in this field (mabye
author of winmm MIDI part) could provide some details or if someone
has good tutorial on writing MIDI sequencers, it would be much

I still have some school work to do, but it should be over in
December. If you have anything else with priority for me to work on
(otherwise, I'd try my luck with DM again), please let me know.


~    Rok

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As in certain cults it is possible to kill a process if you know its
true name.
~    -- Ken Thompson and Dennis M. Ritchie
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