dlls/rsaenh/rsaenh.c: moved functionality from new_key to CPGenKey and CPDeriveKey

Michael Jung mjung at iss.tu-darmstadt.de
Mon Nov 22 15:05:48 CST 2004


The new_key helper function in rsaenh.c tries to do too much: Besides 
allocating the memory resources needed by the key object, it generates the 
actual binary key value (either derived from a hash, from a byte array or 
from the random number generator). This is a waste of cpu time if the key 
object will be used to import a key from a BLOB, and is especially wastefull 
for RSA keys.

The attached patch moves functionality, which is specific to either CPGenKey, 
CPDeriveKey or CPImportKey, from new_key into those functions.

This patch was generated against the current OpenSSL implementation of rsaenh. 
If you are planing to apply the LibTomCrypt patch, which I've sent a few days 
ago, then please don't apply thist patch. I'll be happy to regenerate it. 


 Moved code specific to CPGenKey, CPDeriveKey or CPImportKey from new_key
 into the respective function.
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