MAPI merging

Jon Griffiths jon_p_griffiths at
Mon Nov 29 10:46:59 CST 2004


Further merging of older mapi stuff.


   +dlls/mapi32/ dlls/mapi32/mapi32_main.c
    dlls/mapi32/mapi32.spec dlls/mapi32/tests/.cvsignore
    dlls/mapi32/tests/ dlls/mapi32/tests/util.c
    dlls/mapi32/util.c dlls/mapi32/imalloc.c
    Implement DllMain, DllCanUnloadNow, WrapProgress,
    MAPIGetDefaultMalloc, IsBadBoundedStringPtr, UFromSz,
    UlFromSzHex, CbOfEncoded
    Add tests for the above

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