MSCMS: Various improvements

Hans Leidekker hans at
Mon Nov 29 15:08:39 CST 2004

Here's a large patch with a number of improvements. lcms' API does not
provide access to the raw ICC color profile header and data like Windows
does. Therefore this patch introduces infrastructure for handling ICC
profiles, including endian conversion. It also implements a couple of
functions on top of this.

Color profiles passed by filename are now read into memory first using
Windows APIs and then passed to lcms. This let's us get rid of the Wine
only wine_get_unix_file_name().

Incidentally this patch also get's rid of the breakage my previous patch
caused with old lcms headers.


  Infrastructure for handling ICC profiles.
  Always load color profiles into memory.
  Implement and test GetColorProfileElement and GetColorProfileHeader.
  Implement GetColorProfileFromHandle and SetColorProfileHeader.
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