Problem with file dialog

Robert Shearman rob at
Mon Nov 29 16:01:29 CST 2004

Stefan Dösinger wrote:

>This patch breakes the file open/save dialog for me:
>The 5 buttons(go up one folder, go to desktop, new folder, ...) appear above 
>the directory selektor and have a height of only a few pixels, so the icons 
>are not visible and it's hard to click the buttons(see the attached 
>Reversing lines 89-96 of the patch solves the problem.
>I don't send a patch, because I don't think simply reversing the lines is the 
>correct solution. What is a correct fix for this?

Hey Stefan,

Thanks for the great bug report and for the obvious time you spent 
chasing the regression.
The attached patch should fix the problem.


Store the new style before redrawing and repositioning the control.
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