wine devel documentation reorganization

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sat Oct 23 04:11:47 CDT 2004

As posted on wine-devel, here's a patch to reorganize the Wine 
Developer's Guide.
It's gzip:ed because of the size (160KB).
Here's the changelog for those who don't want to open the gzip:

Reorganizing wine-devel:
         - killing the advanced part
           (and moving its chapters in both developing Wine and Wine
	   archi parts)
         - creating a new book on coding practices
           from i18n.sgml, patches.sgml and porting.sgml (developing 
         - creating a new book on some debugging strategies
           from the old advanced book and cvs-regression.sgml 
(developing 	  Wine)
         - creating a new book on the kernel modules (NTDLL & KERNEL32)
           from architure.sgml / related DLLs and 
address-space.sgml, 	 	  console.sgml, threading.sgml
         - creating a new book on the windowing
           from architure.sgml / USER32 and related
         - creating a new book on the graphical parts
           from architure.sgml / GDI32 and related
Other changes:
         - removed list of DLLs and their role (from the modules 			 
         - removed in X11 keyboard mapping section the part related 
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