Fix for bug #2534 (Grim Fandango regression)

Torbjorn.E.Andersson at Torbjorn.E.Andersson at
Thu Oct 28 02:10:47 CDT 2004

I was told to submit this here. See
for details. (Which is also where you can get the actual patch, in case
Outlook mangles the attachment in any way.)

I'm afraid I can't really suggest a good entry for the changelog since I
don't understand the technical aspects of what the patch does. It's
guesswork based on similar code in a different file. But I was told it
really was the correct fix.

Functionally, what it does for me is to fix a regression that would cause
Grim Fandango to crash almost immediately with an unhandled exception.

Since I'm behind a firewall that doesn't like CVS, the patch is generated
against the latest snapshot release (20041019) rather than the latest
CVS snapshot.


Torbjörn Andersson
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