[lostwages patch] Update description of msvc in fun_projects

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sat Sep 4 19:58:16 CDT 2004

How's this look?
- Dan

Index: templates/en/fun_projects.template
RCS file: /home/wine/lostwages/templates/en/fun_projects.template,v
retrieving revision 1.18
diff -d -u -r1.18 fun_projects.template
--- templates/en/fun_projects.template	26 Mar 2004 00:02:11 -0000	1.18
+++ templates/en/fun_projects.template	5 Sep 2004 00:56:05 -0000
@@ -203,8 +203,13 @@
    We should be able to compile Wine with various C compilers.

    <h3 class=inprogress>Microsoft's Visual C</h3>
-  The most popular compiler in the Windows Universe. Unfortunately, there is no
-  free version available, but apparently you can buy one for around $100US.
+  The most popular compiler in the Windows Universe.  Also known as Visual C++, Visual Studio, or MSVC.
+  You can download a free version of the commandline compilers
+  from <a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/visualc/vctoolkit2003/">msdn.microsoft.com/visualc/vctoolkit2003</a>.
+  The Wine test programs do seem to build with Visual C
+  (see posts by <a href="http://www.kerneltraffic.org/wine/wn20031003_190.html#3">Jakob Eriksson</a>
+  and <a href="http://kt.earth.li/wine/wn20030228_159.html#3">Dan Kegel</a>).
+  Wine itself, however, doesn't yet build.
      <li>worker: <a href="mailto:ps at leissner.se">Patrik Stridvall</a>
      <li>status: most tests work, DLLs are pretty bad though

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