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Hi all,

- more detailed uninstall instructions
- we want bug reports to go to Bugzilla, right?
- mailing lists aren't for developers only
- we don't want non-portable c++ style '//' comments

Andreas Mohr
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 Wine-yymmdd.diff.gz). You can then re-run "./configure", and then
 run "make depend && make".
+If you compile Wine very frequently, consider using ccache or distcc.
 Once Wine has been built correctly, you can do "make install"; this
 will install the wine executable, the Wine man page, and a few other
 needed files.
-Don't forget to uninstall any conflicting previous Wine installation
-first.  Try either "dpkg -r wine" or "rpm -e wine" or "make uninstall"
-before installing.
+In case a previous Wine installation is already on your PC, don't forget
+to uninstall it before installing this Wine version (unless the previous
+Wine version is an "isolated" install which doesn't conflict with the
+new install).
+Try either "dpkg -r wine" or "rpm -e wine" or "make uninstall"
+to do so.
 If you want to read the documentation supplied with the Wine source,
 see the "DOCUMENTATION" section.
@@ -206,8 +211,7 @@
 Bugs:	Report bugs to Wine Bugzilla at
 	Please search the bugzilla database to check whether your
-	problem is already found before posting a bug report.  You can
-	also post bug reports to
+	problem is already found before posting a bug report.
 	Please read the file documentation/bugs.sgml to see what
 	information is required.
@@ -217,12 +221,12 @@
 	Go to for more information.
 Mailing lists:
-	There are several mailing lists for Wine developers; see
+	There are several mailing lists for Wine support; see for more information.
 If you add something, or fix a bug, please send a patch (in 'diff -u'
-format) to wine-patches at list for inclusion in the next
+format, no C++ style '//' comments) to wine-patches at list
+for inclusion in the next release.
 Alexandre Julliard

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