Shell32: Reimplement SHGetFolder functions

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Sun Sep 12 13:11:54 CDT 2004

Sorry for the size of the patch.  I've reimplemented
SHGetFolderPath and its cousins based on testing in
WinXP and documentation.  The high-level improvements
- the correct registry location to override is User
Shell Folders, not Shell Folders
- if User Shell Folders doesn't exist in HKCU, HKLM
should be tried
- SHGetSpecialFolderPath should call SHGetFolderPath,
not vice-versa
- the default values should be localizable
- some of the parameter checking and returned
LPITEMIDLISTs were a bit off

This updates and supercedes the conformance test patch
I sent earlier:


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