OLEAUT32: partial implementation for OLEPictureImpl_Save

Alex Villaci­s Lasso a_villacis at palosanto.com
Mon Sep 20 13:58:53 CDT 2004

The following patch is required to keep Microsoft Visual Basic 6 happy 
when loading forms from a project, when a form includes at least one 
embedded picture (why would MSVB6 try to *save* an OLEPicture on *load*, 
I don't know). This patch should be applied after the previous patch 
"OLEAUT32: fix for interleaved GIF handling"

* Added dirty flag on OLEPicture definition
* PictureChanged notification sets dirty flag
* Image loading clears dirty flag
* Image saving of unmodified picture (as indicated by dirty flag) reuses 
existing buffer and writes it to stream
* Image saving of modified picture (as indicated by dirty flag) 
implemented for BMP, ICO image types, builds new buffer and writes to 
stream, clears dirty flag. Support for JPEG and GIF not included, 
triggers FIXME. Non-bitmap images (metafiles and such) not included, 
triggers FIXME.

BTW, I have some code for GIF saving, but my images keep getting 
promoted to truecolor... probably an issue with reference DC

Alex Villacís Lasso
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