Get AdjustWindowRect working better

Richard Cohen richard at
Thu Sep 23 11:02:28 CDT 2004

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Richard Cohen <richard at> writes:
> We can't create a new file for every single test, this will become
> unmanageable; please merge it into the existing win.c test.
We shouldn't create a new file for *every single* test, but we should do 
so for an unrelated test. How 'unmanageable' is adding 1 line to

I would rather have the tests as *maintaineable*.  If a test fails, 
isn't it easier to look through 200 lines than 2000 lines ?

Anyway, here is a merged version, with some fixes to win.c as well that 
make all the AdjustWindowRect, WM_NCCALCSIZE tests succeed (on Wine & XP 
SP2 at least).


- Comment out test_nonclient_area calls that fail on both XP & Wine
- Don't call test_nonclient_area from the CBT hook. On XP, client & 
window rects will both be zero for HCBT_CREATEWND
- Add brute force test for AdjustWindowRect

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