getting rid of include/async.h

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Fri Sep 24 14:01:28 CDT 2004

This patch removes the use of include/async.h.
Alexandre, I don't like the outcome in dlls/ntdll/sync.c. With this 
patch, we always call the server (even for non alertable waits) in 
NtDelayExecution, which is suboptimal.
One solution would be to ask each time we use somewhere an overlapped 
operation to keep track of the number of pending ops, and store this 
number instead of the pending_list field.
Another one, would be to keep this counter in the server, and pass the 
information in the async_io_apc (this would require getting rid of the 
iosb parameter on the server, but that's doable).
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