Header files fixes

Peter Quiring pquiring at geocities.com
Thu Sep 30 12:05:52 CDT 2004

I've recently got winelib working for me and I had a few problems with it's header files.  I couldn't get CVS working so could someone else look into these problems and get them fixed in the next release of Wine.  Thanks.

tlhelp32.h : Missing HEAPENTRY32 struct and related functions.  I just copied over the one suppiled with Visual C++.
lmcons.h : Missing NET_API_FUNCTION macro. See one supplied with Visual C++.
winspool.h : JOB_INFO_1A.JobID is using improper case.  It should be JobId (lower case D).

Thanks again.

These changes help compile OpenSSL library and other files I have. I've only been using Linux for a while now so again, I'm sorry I can't use CVS and make the changes myself.  I'm using RedHat9 and when I try to use 'cvs checkout' I get an errormsg.

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