Patch: advpack.dll: created stubs for RunSetupCommand and DelNode

Sami Aario sami.aario at
Sat Apr 16 13:47:40 CDT 2005


I was fiddling around with the uninstaller and attempted to uninstall
Outlook Express, and delete backup information for IE6 SP1
(found under the "advanced" button of the IE6 entry). They
both crash on unimplemented functions which I stubbed. Now
they no longer crash but don't do anything useful yet. I'll see
if I can find the time to actually implement these functions.

- Added stubs for RunSetupCommand and DelNode in
  dlls/advpack/advpack.c, added some comments and made
  FIXME traces more uniform
- added prototypes and flag parameter definitions for these
  functions in include/advpub.h
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