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Tue Aug 30 15:12:41 CDT 2005

should not just want to list the entries in the start menu folder, but 
also other things (control panel, etc).
There should be a dll file (shell32.dll?) that can be queried to provide 
this information.
What I am currently working on is a client on Linux and a server in 
Windows (Wine). The server should notify the client when new entries 
appear, and the client uses the server to get all the needed information 
for the start menu.
I am about half way for the first client, that will run on KDE.
Didn't touch the server yet, seems harder to build. Also didn't think 
really hard on the communication between the server and the client. 
Pipes won't probably be a good idea, because you want bidirectional 
Anyhow, the first client is set up using QT. I am not shure whether this 
is general enough, so please tell me if this is not wise to do, for 
example if it won't be compatible with Gnome. If everything is QT 
compatible, only the very frontend of the client will have to be 
reprogrammed for the different desktop environments. That means that 
most classes could be recycled from the KDE version.

<p>In a similar vein, Dimi Paun posted a patch to move around some
documentation.  Part of it included the following note,
<quote who="Dimitrie Paun">Nearly complete informations about the binary formats 
of .lnk files avaiable at 
<a href=""></a></quote></p>


	title="ReactOS Task Manager" 
	subject="Fwd: [ros-kernel] Task Manager"
<p>From time to time I mention ReactOS in passing
(sometimes refered to as simply ROS).  If you're not familiar with 
the project you may want to check out the <a href="">
ReactOS website</a>.  Their Win32 subsystem relies on Wine and
a lot of Wine portability and janitorial work has come out of
it.  Steven Edwards is their Wine liason and has contributed a
lot of valuable work to both projects.  [<i>note to self.. 
interview Steven</i>]  Increasing contributions are becoming
apparent as their lower level work matures.  This week Steven
forwarded a note from one of their developers (sorry, don't have
the name, it was only signed FiN) describing a task
manager utility being developed:</p>
<quote who="Steven Edwards"><p>
I am going to anonunce that Task Manager is starting to work in ReactOS...
Thanks to w3seek's last patch it displays almost all controls correctly.
(Also thanks to GvG and everyone else involved.)
There are still these problems:
<li> It crashes in NtGdiDeleteDC in call to DRIVER_UnreferenceDriver.</li>
<li> The current state of ReactOS shell32.dll and winmm.dll is bad. It worked
correctly a while before ReactOS 1.1.3 was released. AFAIK, Steven Edwards
and Andrew "Silver Blade" Greenwood are working on winmm.dll. I can repair
the shell32.dll from the old version, if there is enough interest.</li>
<li> We still don't have a comctl32 port in our CVS. I will commit it as soon
as my w32api patch will be merged to MinGW's CVS.</li></ol>

<p>Included with the email was 
<a href="">a
screenshot of the new task manager</a>.  We may see this appear in Wine
at some point in the future.  A task manager was recently identified as
a nice application for Wine to have, though no Wine developers seem to have 
the time or inclination to work on it.</p>



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