msvcrt: Printf Integer Conversion try 2

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at
Fri Dec 16 13:26:18 CST 2005

Hi Alexandre,

This patch is much improved.  It passes all tests this time including
additional ones you will see in the new tests patch.

Add pf_is_integer_format to detect integer formats
Add pf_integer_conv for I64 types
Foward I32 and I to libc's printf
Correctly handle long long
Update pf_fill to handle the sign for signed integers
Fix pf_fill to ignore flags->PadZero for printing zeroes when
flags->LeftAlign is set
Fix existing pf_is_*_format to require explicit upper and lower case formats
Still tolower( flags.Format ) before we use libc's printf  (to avoid
Allow flags.Sign to be ' ' (space) for the sign place holder, also
make sure '+' overrides it.
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