MSACM: preserve value of cbStruct in acmDriverDetails (with tests) - patch 2 of 2

Alex Villací­s Lasso a_villacis at
Mon Dec 19 11:45:55 CST 2005

I have been playing with a sample application from MSDN called ACMAPP, 
which is an example of the msacm32 API, and which exposes a number of 
bugs in the wine version of msacm32. The first bug is that 
acmDriverDetails[AW] is supposed to preserve the value of cbStruct 
member of the ACMDRIVERDETAILS[AW] struct, if at all possible. The 
example MSDN app displays a bogus value as the returned size of the data 
for acmDriverDetails otherwise.

This patch fixes the cbStruct value before returning from 
acmDriverDetails[AW], and also fixes a second bug. In addition to 
builtin codecs provided by wine, it seems possible to install native 
codecs designed for Windows. However, a call to acmDriverDetails[AW] 
might fail to provide details for the native codec, because the 
stack-based ACMDRIVERDETAILSW struct is completely uninitialized at 
message-send time. Native codecs check the value of the cbStruct member, 
and refuse to fill the struct if the value is invalid, in pretty much 
the same way acmDriverDetails[AW] refuses if the value is invalid. So 
this patch also adds an initialization of this member before sending the 
message. BTW, should wine-provided codecs duplicate this behavior?

* Ensure that the cbStruct member of the ACMDRIVERDETAILS[AW] struct is 
filled with a valid value before returning.
* Fill the cbStruct member of the ACMDRIVERDETAILS[AW] before sending a 
ACMDM_DRIVER_DETAILS message to an installed codec that might be a 
native library: native ACM codecs expect cbStruct to be valid before 
filling the rest of the struct with any data.
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