msvcrt: pf_integer_conv for I64

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at
Thu Dec 22 11:32:29 CST 2005

This patch adds support for I64 integer sizes.  It adds
pf_integer_conv which prints a requested number to a buffer including
precision and alternate formats but not the sign.  pf_fill is used to
print a number to a requested field size and adjustment, and has been
updated to print the sign for signed integers.  Therefore, with both
pf_integer_conv and pf_output_format_A, we are able to handle I64
integer sizes.  Test cases will follow.  Requires the last two printf

Add pf_integer_conv and pf_is_integer_format
Update pf_fill to handle printing the sign for signed integers
Handle I64 integer sizes using pf_integer_conv and pf_output_format_A
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