[bug 4004] MenuItemInfo vs GetMenuString - Try 2

Ann & Jason Edmeades us at edmeades.me.uk
Sat Dec 24 07:41:47 CST 2005

>You don't check SetMenuItemInfo return code after the above calls and I
>much suspect that they fail leading to the observed results.

Well spotted, thanks!

In the one case of string -> ownerdraw you are right, and I have now
modified the tests to flag a todo where this unexpectedly works on wine but
fails on windows.

In the case of ownerdraw -> string -> ownerdraw, the calls do indeed work
and keep the saved string. Debugging on windows seems to show the string is
copied and saved as well, which concurs with the rest of the patch.

The fix (rather than the tests) is still accurate for this as far as I can

Attached is new patch, which checks the rc of the SetMenuItemInfo (and
InsertMenuItem) calls...


Copy and store the dwTypeData of a menu item even for a ownerdraw item, and
ensure the memory allocations/freeing occurs correctly

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