Gcc-3.2.xxx resolved error patch

nicklas johansson nickysoulless at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 26 13:53:23 CST 2005

hallo gentlemen im writing to you in the hope off getting your attention of 
a difficulty with the latest build,s of wine 0.9.3 | 0.9.4 CVSversion and 
stable i spent 2 days trying to compile the source and got null the error 
returned was

gcc -c -I. -I. -I../include -I../include -D__WINESRC__ -Wall -pipe 
-mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 -fno-strict-aliasing -gstabs+ -Wpointer-arith 
-g -O2 -o snapshot.o snapshot.c

In file included from snapshot.c:33:
../include/winternl.h:2040: parse error before "va_list"
../include/winternl.h:2212: parse error before "va_list"
../include/winternl.h:2213: parse error before "va_list"
make[1]: *** [snapshot.o] Error 1

so when i compared the source for 0.9.2 (who compiles exellently) i found 
that in the file wine/server/snapshot.c was missing the line #include 
<stdarg.h>  when i corrected snapshot.c compile worked

the error it seems is due to older gcc Version in my case Gcc-3.2.2 on 

the patch submitted resolves issue by including #include <stdarg.h> in file 

sent files are snapshot.c-old snapshot.c snapshot.txt

Yours truly Nicklas Johansson

resident of Sweden Göteborg

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--- snapshot.c-old	2005-12-26 20:49:08.000000000 -0800
+++ snapshot.c	2005-12-26 20:49:36.000000000 -0800
@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@
#include <assert.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
+#include <stdarg.h>

#include "ntstatus.h"
#define WIN32_NO_STATUS

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