Preliminary CD-Rom support on MacOS X #1

emmanuel maillard e.rsz at
Thu Dec 29 13:31:59 CST 2005


This is the first patch for preliminary CD-Rom support on MacOS X.
This set of patches allow to handle removable devices, and support  
very few DeviceIoControl calls.

Due to dynamically created bsd node for mounted media we handle DOS  
drive references at "IOKit level" for each available
devices, so we can dynamically (re)set dosdevice symlinks for mounted  
media and if the device has no media symlink is set to a device  
description file.

Actually the main problem for audio support is  
IOCTL_CDROM_READ_Q_CHANNEL which can only be handled by a device driver
with MMC2 interface (MMC Interface support not included)



Changelog :
	build system : check for DiskArbitration framework.

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