Lostwages: fix bug 2537 and update contributing template

Tom twickline at sitestar.net
Tue Feb 1 03:15:03 CST 2005


Ive updated the contributing template and removed a old link to a WineHQ 
todo as its really out of date. I also fixed bug 2537 by removing a old out 
of date link.


bug 2629 isn't really a bug the link points to the user list and not to the 
Its the way Brian wanted to do it and thats about it... it should be 

bug 2487 should be closed, our debian download page is fine.

bug 1829 needs to be closed I downloaded the .pdf files and they open
fine in xpdf. The html files are in good order as well.

bug 1783 also needs to be closed the files are working fine.

All thats left is 1214 & 1296



- remove old link from contributing page
- remove old link from cvs page
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