SHLWAPI: implement PathIsValidChar{A,W} (#2)

Hans Leidekker hans at
Tue Feb 1 06:53:26 CST 2005

Here's a reworked version that eliminates a call (the common implementation
for A and W) and reduces the lookup table to 0x7e entries, as suggested by
Juan Lang.

> Test cases will show which is correct, of course.  I've never used the
> function.  I was just pointing out that the behavior for characters above
> 0xff is different than that for characters less than or equal to 0xff. 
> Inconsistency usually means incorrectness.

You are right, it's incorrect in the case where 0 is supplied as the class
value. I fixed that and added a test for it.


  Implement and test PathIsValidChar{A,W}.
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