[OLE #62] Rework the RPC dispatch layer (Try 2)

Robert Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Thu Feb 3 15:41:09 CST 2005


With the named pipe fixes applied and with the fixes I have added to 
this, the tests for this patch should pass for Alexandre. If not, it 
might be easier to replace Alexandre's machine with one more similar to 
mine so that they do <g>



Mike Hearn <mh at codeweavers.com>
- Rework RPC dispatch layer to be simpler and not get confused by
  server/client duality
- Make threads shut down at the right time and not access freed
  memory after apartment destruction
- Rename stub_dispatch_thread to client_dispatch_thread
- Add some more tracing
Robert Shearman <rob at codeweavers.com>
- Check return value of WaitNamedPipe.
- Change named pipe timeouts to 0.5s, which should be enough for even the slowest machines.

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