Alter the version heuristics a bit

Mike Hearn mh at
Wed Feb 9 09:56:57 CST 2005

I don't think we're quite ready to report NT by default yet, a bunch of
stuff gets unhappy. To be honest I'm not keen on the idea of trying to
guess the version anyway, IMHO it's far more predictable and user
friendly to just default to Windows 98 and at some point in the future,
when we deem it the right time, default to WinXP.

For now this patch lets DCOM98 install again.

Alter the version heuristics a bit

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--- dlls/ntdll/version.c  (revision 132)
+++ dlls/ntdll/version.c  (local)
@@ -470,7 +470,7 @@ static DWORD VERSION_GetLinkedDllVersion
         case 0  :
-            case 4 : return NT40;
+            case 4 : return WIN98;  /* most apps will use this */
             case 0 : return WIN95;

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