User Guide Chapter 2 Rewrite

Scott Ritchie scott at
Fri Feb 11 05:05:52 CST 2005

Ok, I'm finally about done with my part of the User Guide rewrite - now
I guess I'll wait on Brian for the rest unless I get antsy.  Tell me
what you think, of course.

+Rewrote chapter 2 of user guide: Getting Wine
+Merged chapters 3 and 4 into chapter 2, rewrote them
+Removed a bunch of duplicitous, old information in those chapters
+Added myself and Brian Vincent to the author's file

The patch deletes two files, documentation/installing.sgml and
documentation/compiling.sgml, so make sure to use cvs rm.

The patch is also 44k so I hope we don't have those >40k mailman issues

Scott Ritchie
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