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Fri Feb 11 14:12:30 CST 2005

Hiya, Was there any problem with this one - It mimics windows behaviour and
resolves a trap for an application (and yes, the behaviour even down to the
setlasterror return code matches windows, well XP at least!).


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Subject: [Bug 2631] Trap in RegisterClassExA

I'm taking a break from d3d stuff waiting on Olivers patches, and thought I
would take a look through the bug database to see what I can work through.

This bug is a trap in the IKEA Kitchen Planner at startup, and caused by it
passing in invalid parms to RegisterClassExA. I double checked on Windows
and the program passes in the same invalid values but doesn't trap, and
investigation shows that Windows ensures the bytes to reserve value is
positive. I added the same check into the W version as well.

Note that the IKEA Kitchen planner then gets further and dies in a different
way, but one step at a time...


Validate the parms into RegisterClassExA and W


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